Amaya Pleased with Online Poker Results


There has been a lot of interest in online poker over the past few months. The gaming group Amaya is very happy with the progress of their two chief online poker sites: Espace Des Jeux and PlayNow. This has led to greater than expected sales from their online poker division.

The interesting part of the story is that Amaya is not sure why such an increase took place. Online poker has been a stable business for them, but drastic rises are not normal. There was a 43% increase in activity when compared to the previous month.

Amaya has been in the news lately for a few of their major transactions south of the border. They are listed on the Toronto Stock Market, giving them particular relevance in Canadian gambling. They recently spent around $5 billion to acquire two major poker sites from the United States. Those sites are expected to be the backbone of their business in the coming decade. After buying these two sites, thAmaya Online Pokerere is no larger online gambling company than Amaya Gaming.

It could be possible that buying two major USA poker sites has seen more people use their existing Canadian services. Both Espace Des Jeux and PlayNow are popular among Canadians, but they will have more recognition after the recent purchases. Both these sites operate in the BC and Quebec region of Canada. They serve millions of people who are interested in playing poker online.

The sites are co-owned by Amaya and the lottery operation companies from those provinces. The profits are invested however those operators choose, but Amaya is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the sites. Players can enjoy everything from online casinos to online poker to sports betting on the sites provided by Amaya Gaming.

The great thing about Amaya is that they have a reputation for improving every site that they take over. Much as it was with PlayNow and Espas Des Deux, expect their impact on newly acquired sites to be very positive.

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