Exotic Gaming Flavor

Oriental casinos and games that are hugely popular in the Asian market are gaining ground every year in Europe and other parts of the Western world. Among the leading Oriental casinos to bring players excitement of a totally exotic flavor is the Sycuan Casino. This venue offers players a huge number of advantages and special promotions throughout the year that are designed to introduce this flavor of wagering to people of all cultures and backgrounds. Asian table games are among the most popular offerings being presented by the Sycuan Casino. They give players access to progressive jackpots, exciting game play, and new ways to win that they have never before experienced.Sycuan Casino

EZ Baccarat is one of the leading games that is similar to the classic forms of baccarat played widely throughout the rest of the world. Rather than taking commissions off of winning bank hands, a single bank hand is barred. This hand is comprised of a three card total of seven. This hand is known as the “Dragon” hand and allows players to make insurance bets ,or the Dragon bet, that pays out at 40 to 1 odds. Pai Gow Poker incorporates many of the rules of traditional poker with the exception of the rules related to the hands acquired by the bank. Both hands of players must rank higher than both hands of the bank during the final phase of game play.

Double Hand Baccarat is a classic Eastern game that is played using a standard 52-card deck. The joker is removed before dealing, and players receive four cards. They must then make two-card hands that must beat the dealer’s own 2-hand offerings. The game is somewhat similar to Pai Gow while there is no draw for players. Fortune Pai Gow Poker includes an optional bonus bet that depends on best possible combination of cards in the players’ hand of seven. Players can bet any amount that they wish; however, the Sycuan Casino gives individuals the special ability to qualify for Envy Bonus Payouts when they wager at least $5.