New Yorkers Demand Legalization of Online Poker

Online Poker

It is difficult to legalize gambling in one state while keeping the doors shut in another. That is what lawmakers are discovering in New Jersey. Online poker is 100% legal in that state, but it is still illegal in New York. The two states are very close neighbors, with many people residing in one state while working in the other. This issue was always going to crop up, and New Yorkers are now demanding that they get the same treatment in regard to online poker.

Social networks have been hotting up with comments, new groups and plenty of chatter about New Yorkers who want online poker legalized. These people have been coming up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to express their disgust that one policy is okay for New Jersey but not for New York.

The group has got a name: Let NY Play. The concept was first thought up in Las Vegas, at the MGM Resorts, but it has now spread throughout the state of New York. There is no conflict of interest, because the MGM Resorts are not part of the group that is seeking gambling licenses in New York. However, the company has been active in its support of legalization in the state.

It is not as if gambling does not take place. There are plenty of illegal australia online casino sites being used by New Yorkers. Researchers believe that around $100 million is spent every year on online poker tournaments. This is money that could be flowing through the state in taxes, but the law is preventing it for now.

There has been research compiled by casinos that shows how much the government would benefit from legalizing online poker. They claim that the state would get around $100 to $150 million a year from taxation and other fees. This money would be paid by online poker sites that have a legal license to operate in New York State.