The Man Behind

Welcome to my portal of the wonderful world of online gambling…

Spring break in Nevada – Motel 6 Las Vegas Tropicana – and I got into the Vegas fever. But low budgets made me stay at home, this is when I discovered the world of Online Gambling.

And here I am:

My name is Corey Webster and I’m from Indianapolis in the 38th largest and great state Indiana. Born in 1973 I started studying engineering at the IUPUI in the year 1992. Unfortunately my parents couldn’t afford the fees anymore and I had to serve myself. I started many freaking and funny jobs…dressed like a HotDog running through the streets and trying to convince people to eat at Harry’s Hot Dog hut; burning french fries at the local Burger King branch; delivering Tony’s Hot Fisso pizza and pasta; dust Tammy’s corner book store and ended up washing cars in the backyard of Tom Woods dealership.

On a Saturday afternoon…I was trying to catch p with the cue of car’s needed a wash…one of the manager came and ask me to move some cars from the front. I did like they said and on my way a customer was asking me some details of a really run-down Subaru BRAT. My luck! My dad use to drive this one my whole life and I knew it in and out.

Well guys, long story short end. The guy bought the car and I was promoted to the outside sales area. And damn I was good! I made a lot of commission and enjoyed the new lifestyle of a wealthy youngster. I recognized that making money on a fun way, is what I’m interested in.  On a spring break my friends and me went to Vegas  and – for sure – we tried all the big halls of money…but unfortunately the fun was limited.

It is still 1,300 miles to go there and for study-buddy’s nearly impossible to repeat that often – unless your parents sponsor it.

But I wasn’t ready to give up on my new hobby and invested my money in my first computer with internet access – slow compared to today’s models – but hey, even Google started small! After researching several websites and playing so many years in online casinos I decided, that it is now time to create my own web portal about the best ones.

There are countless online casinos targeted to different markets throughout the world and this makes it is always a difficult decision when you have to pick one to play at.

At my web site, I’ve taken the hard work out of finding the best for you. I will also provide you with reviews on a range of casinos worldwide. I’ve studied their welcome offers and their match bonuses and I highlight all their unique features so that you can quickly decide which casino is the right one for you.

For regular gamblers, a loyalty program is an important aspect of an online casino and I will share with you the main agreements that each casino has set in place for its most dedicated customers. Quality gaming is another equally side of making money with online casinos and you can be sure, that I”ll provide you with all the necessary information on each casino’s service provider.

However, I like chances, but I understand that banking security is the number one concern of gamblers in the online industry and I checked all their guarantees to ensure that your private information remains safe and confidential.

Bestcasinos4u provides the best casino reviews that you can trust. So I hope my effort, sweat and lucky hand will help you to make your own little or big wealth.

Good luck and enjoy!